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CPT Lovins, Recruiting Officer

FSU Army ROTC recruiter named best in nation

The U.S. Army's Cadet Command has named retired Army Capt. Bob Lovins, Florida State University's Army ROTC recruiting operations officer, its 2010 Recruiting Operations Officer of the Year.

The distinction signifies that under Lovins' watch, FSU's Army ROTC program, known as the Seminole Battalion, met its mission to transform Florida State and Tallahassee Community College students into lieutenants better than any of the other 273 Army ROTC battalions.

"This award is really not about me, but about core groups of people who work together to achieve the same goal," said Lovins, who received the same national distinction in 2006.

Lovins praised the battalion's past and current military personnel, its staff of civilian employees and the cadets themselves. He also lauded Florida State's faculty and staff, and the Tallahassee community at large - groups he characterized as highly supportive of ROTC's mission.

Lovins spends a limited amount of time discussing the advantages of the ROTC with high school students at college fairs. For the most part, he focuses his recruiting efforts on the Florida State campus.

"This is the best place to recruit because the students here have already made the cut to get into Florida State," Lovins said. "I do a lot of recruiting right here in my office with assistance from the cadets who are in the program already. They are the best recruiters because they tell their peers about the training they've received in order to be able to do a certain job two or three years down the road."

When it comes to explaining the ROTC to potential recruits, Lovins tells them that being a lieutenant is the toughest job in America but also the most rewarding.


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