Florida State University
Seminole Battalion Cadets
Our cadets hold a heavy hand in the overall training and operation of this Battalion. Along with being full time students, our senior class plans, executes and oversees every training piece, aside from in-class instruction, to develop our underclassmen.

To contact someone in leadership, see the links below:

Battalion Leadership
Alpha and Bravo Company Leadership
Ranger Challenge and Seminole Guard Leadership

Ranger Challenge Leadership

CDT Radcliffe

Cadet Radcliffe

Ranger Challenge Captain

Hometown: Naples, FL
Major: International Affairs

Email: kjr13c@my.fsu.edu

CDT Preysler

Cadet Preysler

Ranger Challenge Captain

Hometown:Tampa, FL
Major: Business Management

Email: cap13e@my.fsu.edu

Seminole Guard Leadership

CDT Kinard

Cadet Kinard

Seminole Guard Commander

Hometown:Boca Raton, FL
Major: International Affairs

Email: cmk13d@my.fsu.edu

CDT Magill

Cadet Magill

Seminole Guard Executive Officer (XO)

Hometown: Merritt Island, FL
Major: Exercise Physiology

Email: jrm13g@my.fsu.edu

CDT Bonventre

Cadet Bonventre

Seminole Guard First Sergeant

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL
Major: Chinese Language

Email: pb13b@my.fsu.edu