Florida State University
Scholarship Opportunities

Ease the Strain of Paying for College

One of the most stressful complications for college students is finding the money to pay for the myriad of college-related expenses. The Army offers many scholarship options for those looking to gain tuition or housing assistance while persuing their degree as a full time student. ROTC offers two, three and four-four scholarships, based on individual cadets' circumstance. The Army ROTC scholarship entitles its recipients to full-tuition assistance or room-and-board reimbursement, as well as a textbook/fee allowance and a monthly stipend to cover the student’s living expenses.
The monthly stipend increases each academic year as follows:

Year 1: $300/month
Year 2: $350/month
Year 3: $450/month
Year 4: $500/month

To be eligible to compete for an ROTC scholarship, students must be able to pass an APFT, have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA, pass a DoDMERB physical, be a U.S. citizen and of good moral character.

For more information or to apply for a National ROTC Scholarship, visit goarmy.com/rotc/scholarships.html.

**Selection will be based upon availabile funding and needs of the Army at the time**