Florida State University Army ROTC
Summer Training Opportunities

Enhance your Skills, Build Friendships, Leave a Legacy

Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency (CULP)

The CULP program is offered to cadets to experience immersion in a foreign nation. Cadets travel in small groups led by senior leader cadre on one month deployments to host nations all over the world. In the host nation, cadets are afforded the experience of humanitarian service, host nation military-to-military contact and education on the social, cultural and historical aspects of the country. CULP is much like studying abroad, but all expenses are paid in full including room and board, travel and meals. If you are interested in competing for a slot, let you military instructor know.

Airborne School

The Basic Airborne Course is conducted at Fort Benning, GA and is a competitive three-week course encompassing all aspects of entering a combat zone by parachute. The first week is Ground Week and consists of rigorous physical training and instruction designed to prepare the student to make a parachute jump and land safely. The second week is Tower Week and training consists of perfecting individual skills and stressing team effort. Jump skills are taught through the use of the swing landing trainer, the suspended harness, and the 250-foot free-fall tower. The final week is Jump Week, where you will use the training of the previous two weeks to execute five parachute jumps, including one night jump and two jumps in full combat gear. Upon completion of the fifth jump, you will receive the Basic Parachutist Qualification Badge and become a member of the elite "AIRBORNE" community.

Air Assualt School

Air Assault School is a competitive ten-day course conducted at several locations to include Fort Campbell, KY, Fort Rucker, AL, and Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. Students are instructed on all aspects of using helicopters to enter combat. Training includes an obstacle course, rappelling from towers and hovering helicopters, rigging equipment for sling loading, landing and pick-up zone operations. Training culminates in a twelve-mile road march completed in less than three hours while wearing full combat gear. Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive the Air Assault Badge.

Cadet Troop Leadership Training (CTLT)

The Cadet Troop Leader Training (CTLT) track is a training program exclusively for MS 3 cadets immediately preceding or following their time at Cadet Leaders Course. Over a three to four-week period cadets will serve in Lieutenant level leadership positions with the assistance of an officer mentor at active duty installations all over the United States. Time spent in a platoon leader position is dependent on the host unit and cadets will be provided with housing and meals.

Basic Camp

An intense four-week introduction to Army life and leadership training of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, the aim of the course is to motivate and qualify Cadets for entry into the Senior ROTC program. Basic Camp, is designed for college students, typically between their sophomore and junior years. Upon successful completion of the course, graduates can take part in ROTC at their college as a third-year student in the four-year program.

Advanced Camp

Every Army ROTC Cadet who enters into the Advanced Course attends the Advanced Camp. It's a five-week summer program to evaluate and train all Army ROTC Cadets. This course normally takes place between your junior and senior years of college, and is conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Here, cadets will have the opportunity to apply all curriculum obtained from MS 1-MS 3 years to practical military scenarios.

For more information, visit the Cadet Command website.