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These are the forms that will be completed as you progress in Army ROTC.

Once asked to complete the file, open it, and save them per this example:

          TITLE the file with your LASTNAME_F  and the form number.

           EXAMPLE:  Smith_J CC Form 136-R.

Send  scanned documents using the same naming convention.

Email to:  Mr. Bob Lovins at or Mr. KC Caldwell at



Forms to Participate

Cadet Provides or Completes


Birth Certificate

Provide original to copy


Social Security Card

Provide original to copy


Immunization Record

Provide original to copy


Dental Form

Complete and sign:  Write down the Dental Office which has your dental records

Dental Memo for CDT signature.pdf

CC Fm 139-R

Enrollment Form

Complete and sign pages 1 & 2 only

AROTC Enrollment form   

Prepared for FSU or TCC students


139-R Cadet Application and Enrollment Record (FSU Cadets).pdf         --------------------


139-R Cadet Application and Enrollment Record (TCC Cadets).pdf

CC Fm 136-R

Briefing on Govt Sponsored Benefits

Complete and sign

Medical coverage for injury during Cadet activities - Workers Comp/Dept of Labor form


CC Fm 137-R

Authorization for Access to Student Records

Complete and sign

Auth for ROTC access to school records


DA Fm 3425-R 

Medical Fitness Statement 

CDT prepares for personal doctor to sign

DA_FORM_3425-000-EFILE-1 Medical Fitness Statement.pdf

CC Fm 104-R

Planned Academic Program Worksheet

Make an appointment with both the ROO and APO each semester   



FORMS preparing to contract

FORMS to Contract

Cadet completes


DODMERB appointments

MEET WITH ROO, Mr. Lovins,; Cadet sets up account; completes doctor visit and vision evaluation through DODMBERB

Follow through with appointments

*Medically Qualified* DODMERB Physical

DODMERB processes; sometimes waivers are needed, Cadre submits for processing.

Follow through with appointments

CC Fm 104-R

Planned Academic Program Worksheet

Planned academic worksheet ~ Make an appointment with the APO each semester for review and/or adjustment(s).


Direct Deposit

Complete form with your banking information

Direct Deposit Fm 2231.pdf

DD Fm 93

Emergency Data

Complete form with relevant information

DD Fm 93 Emergency Data.pdf


Complete form

Service member Group Life Insurance form

SGLV_8286_Life Insurance.pdf

DD Fm 2058

Complete form


DD Fm 2058 State of Legal Residence.pdf

W-4 Fm

Complete form

Tax Withholding

Fm W-4 Tax Withholding.pdf


Cadre records; Cadre provides to HRA














Prepared by ROTC Admin for your signature





DD Fm 4

Enlistment/Reenlistment Document

DD Fm 4 filled in.pdf

DA Fm 597-3

Army Senior ROTC Scholarship Cadet Contract

DA Form 597-3 Scholarship Contracting.pdf




DD Fm 4

Enlistment/Reenlistment Document

DD Fm 4 filled in.pdf

DD Fm 597

Army Senior ROTC Non-Scholarship Cadet Contract

DA 597 filled in.pdf

Army Natl Guard

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)


NGB 594-1

From from your unit:  Army National Guard Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Agreement

From your Unit

DD Fm 597

Army Senior ROTC Non-Scholarship Cadete Contract

DA 597 filled in.pdf

Army Reserve

Two forms; (1) DA Form 4824, & (2) "Letter of Acceptance" from company commander.





DD Fm 597

Army SEnior ROTC Non-Scholarship Cadet Contract

DA 597 filled in.pdf











AFTER Contracting

Point of Contact


SF 86

Mr. Duque

w/i 30 days


SFC Tardiff

w/i 30 days

CAC Card  (wait 45 days)

Cadre coordinate


 **REMEMBER your PIN and digit#



Set up Travel to camp & special schools

Mr. Caldwell