LTC Owen

Professor of Military Science ,
Department Chair,

Hometown: Houston, TX
Branch: Aviation
Phone: 850-644-1016
MSG Blow 2022 SMI

Senior Military Instructor,
MS-III and MS-IV Lead Instructor,

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Branch: Infantry
Phone: (850) 645-4807
MAJ Thomas Wong

Executive Officer (XO),
Assistant Professor (MSL3201/2)

Hometown: Lake Grove, NY
Branch: Infantry
Phone: (850) 645-4802
CPT Axle Kennedy

Operations & Training Officer (S-3),
Assistant Professor (MSL2101/2)

Hometown: Boulder, CO
Branch: Logistics (90A)
Phone: (850) 644-1016
1LT Patrick Rother

MS-I Accountability Officer (MSL1001/2),
Special Projects Officer (S-5)

Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Branch: Military Intelligence
Phone: 850.644.1016
MSG Gaddis

MS III Instructor,
Operations & Training NCOIC (S-3)

Hometown: Tyler, TX
Branch: Armor
Phone: 850.644.1016
SFC Holland 2022

MS-II Instructor,
Logistics & Supply NCOIC (S-4)

Hometown: Gretna, FL
Branch: Quartermaster
Phone: (850) 644-1016
Mr. Belcher 2022

MS-I and MS-II Lead Instructor,
Staff Sergeant (Ret), U.S. Army

Hometown: Carrabelle, FL
Branch: Military Intelligence (35N)
Phone: 850.644.1016
Mr. Bob Lovins

Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO),
Enrollment & Scholarship Officer,
Captain (Ret), U.S. Army

Hometown: Bremen, GA
Branch: Chemical
Phone: (850) 644-8806
Mr. Walter Duquetoro

Human Resource Advisor (S-1) ,
Staff Sergeant, USAF (Ret)

Hometown: Boston, MA
Branch: Personnel Administration
Phone: (850) 645-8142
KC Caldwell 2020

Human Resource Advisor (S-1) ,
Retired U.S. Army

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL
Phone: (850) 644-8814
Mr. Alonzo Wheat

Supply Officer (S-4),
Sergeant First Class (Ret), U.S. Army

Hometown: McIntosh, Alabama
Branch: Supply (92Y) / Counselor (79V)
Phone: (850) 644-1016
MAJ Tsam

Recruiting & Retention,
Army Reserve Officer

Hometown: Indialantic, FL
Branch: Aviation
Phone: 850.644.1016
SFC Tanya Tardiff

Recruiting & Retention,
Florida Army National Guard

Hometown: Norwich, CT
Branch: Aviation (AV) and Transportation (TR)
Phone: 561-215-0298
Ms. Patricia Rivero

Administrative Office Manager (AOM),
Lieutenant Colonel, USAF (Ret)

Hometown: Orlando, FL
Branch: Aircraft Maintenance & Admissions Liaison Officer
Phone: (850) 644-1016
Mr. David Hadzima

Academic Program Officer (APO),
Course Advisor & Certification,
CAPTAIN (Ret), U.S. Army

Hometown: Bradenton, FL
Branch: Logistics (90A) / Avionics (2A471)
Phone: (850) 644-8812