Course Requirements

Academic Courses

Basic Course
The basic course takes place during your first two years in college and involves one elective class and lab each semester along with the requisite physical training and field training exercises. You will learn basic military skills, the fundamentals of leadership and start the groundwork toward becoming an Army leader. Those that are interested in trying out the program can do so through the Basic Course without making a military commitment. 
MSL 1001 Foundations of officership
MSL 2101 Individual Leadership Studies

Advanced Course 
The advanced course occurs during your last two years in college and covers material such as advanced military tactics and team organization, planning and decision-making. In order to enter in the Advanced Course, all Cadets must have completed either the Army ROTC Basic Course, Basic Combat Training or Cadet Initial Entry Training. Entering the Advanced Course requires a commitment to serve as an Officer in the U.S. Army after you graduate. 
MSL 3201 Leadership and Problem Solving 
MSL 4301 Leadership and Management

Physical Readiness Training (PRT)

Physical Readiness Training is an integrated and essential part of any Army unit. PRT focuses on building cadets' individual aerobic fitness and unit cohesion through group runs and circuit training in order to meet minimum Army physical fitness standards. Contracted and MS3 level cadets are required to participate in PRT 3 times a week and non-contracted cadets are required to participate a minimum of once a week for MS1 level cadets and twice a week for MS2 level cadets.

Leadership Lab

Leadership lab is a required, once a week practical exercise period for all Military Science classes. It allows cadets to hone their skills in the art of leadership and the science of warfare. Labs take place in various locations, depending on the theme of the class. During lab cadets are taught basic soldiering skills such as first aid, movement techniques, land navigation, key leader engagement, along with many other essential skills. Leadership labs offer practical challenges, both physical and mental, and develop teamwork, trust and leadership.



Field Training Exercises (FTX)

Every semester the Seminole Battalion conducts field training exercises. These training events allow cadets to harbor soldiering skills which they would not otherwise gain on campus and allow them to apply what they have learned on campus in a tactical environment.

Fall FTX

Spring FTX